Tuesday, January 19, 2016


This is what 6am looks like in #Project 35 (I’m doing 35 days of new/favorite things up until my birthday…one of those things is 30 days with a trainer). I have significantly decreased my running from 20-24 miles a week to maybe 2-3 running miles a week, while I do about 2-3 additional hours of cardio a week (elliptical, arc, row, bike, stairclimber, HIIT, etc.). My goal is to decrease my body fat percentage (current- 29%; goal- 20%; and maybe eventually 17-18%) and increase my muscle mass. I know how to lose weight. I have done it a majority of my life. But building muscle properly, “sculpting a body” takes a certain level of discipline in the gym, and more importantly in the kitchen. I understand that this is a journey (so no, I am not expecting to reach my long term goal in 35 days). Part of the issue with why we don’t lose weight or maintain muscle mass is that we see things as “projects” with a deadline versus a journey of lifestyle changes. This is how I am viewing this process. #Project 35 just gives me the initial fuel I need to start lifestyle changes. Truthfully, being in the gym has never been an issue for me. I can stay in the gym for hours. But my diet has always been my issue….which is probably why I am in the field of nutrition. For muscle building, macro manipulation is everything. I have researched and studied this thing (and not just with my PhD in nutrition). I am my own experiment so come along on the journey if you would like…I am in week 3…
My meals for the week (I meal prep on Sundays for the entire week):
Pre-Workout- apple, whey shake
Post Workout- 4 pieces of turkey bacon, 1 egg, 3 egg whites
Lunch- taco soup (made with ground turkey)
Snack- chicken salad (made with greek yogurt) on a rice cake
Dinner- mixed greens with a raspberry vinaigrette, 3-4 ounces of grilled chicken
Snack- whey shake

Until next time...