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7 Days---7 Fast Food Restaurants---7 Day Fast Food Diet

So, I am on the “going out to eat” subject again. However, I thought it might be good to give some specifics in this blog. I will be in and out of town for the next couple of months, and I won’t have a lot of time to make my meals, or even go to a sit-down restaurant. So I will probably have to depend mostly on fast-food. In order to maintain or even continue to lose weight, it will be necessary that I stay under 1500 calories.

Most diets you review will be 1200-1500 calorie diets. So if you are always on the go and want to lose weight, this diet may help you shed a few pounds. Now, when I say “diet,” most think of something you “go on to lose weight.” However, I am using it in the general sense of “what you eat.” So as you review recommendations, understand that this is not a weight loss diet, but simply a healthier way to eat when eating fast-food that may also help you shed some pounds. But if all else fails in the weight-loss area, this is just a plan to help you maintain your efforts and eat “healthier” at fast-food restaurants. For this plan, I chose 7 common restaurants that most major areas have: McDonalds, Sonic, Wendy’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, Arby’s, and Taco Bueno. When reviewing this plan, or rather MENU, take in mind that some items may seem to be unhealthy (i.e. burgers and fries), but we have to look at meals in terms of the whole day, and calories for the whole day.  Take that in mind when planning your own meals…

1200-1500 Calorie Fast-Food Diet Menu

Total Calories
Chicken Biscuit- 360
Orange Juice-140
Burger King Whopper Jr.-340
Value onion rings-150
3 packages of ketchup-30
Diet Drink-0
Apple slices-40
Taco Bell          2 Fresco Crunchy Tacos-300
Mexican Rice-120
Bottled Water
Steak and Egg Breakfast Burrito-280
Bottled Water
Taco Bueno Bowl of Chicken Tortilla Soup-237
Party Taco-143
Bottled Water
Apple slices with caramel dipping sauce-150

McDonald’s Premium Southwest Salad with grilled chicken-290
1 carton of milk-100
McDonald’s Egg McMuffin-300
Apple slices-35
Bottled Water
McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger-440
Bottled Water
Lowfat Chocolate Milk-150
Burger King Garden Fresh Grilled Chicken BLT salad  with dressing-510
Bottled Water
Burger King
3 pancakes and 1 oz of syrup-500
Bottled Water
Taco Bell
2 Fresco Grilled Steak Soft Tacos-300
Diet Drink-0
McDonald’s Snack Size Fruit and Walnuts-70
Grilled Chicken Wrap-390
Mini Chocolate shake-230
Bottled Water
Southern Style Chicken Biscuit-410
Bottled Water
Roast Turkey and Swiss Wrap-500
Bottled Water
Burger King soft serve ice cream cup-140
Taco Bueno
2 Flame Grilled Chicken Fajita Tacos-420
Bottled Water
McDonald’s Fruit and Maple Oatmeal-290
Bottled Water
Taco Bell Express Taco Salad with chips-580
Bottled Water
1% Milk-110
Wendy’s Homestyle Chicken Go Wrap-350
Bottled Water
Burger King Breakfast Muffin Sandwich-Bacon, Egg, and Cheese-250
Bottled Water
Sonic Burger with Mustard only-330
Small tator tots-130
3 ketchup packages-30
Bottled Water

Taco Bueno 12oz strawberry smoothie-195
Roast Beef Classic-350
Chopped side salad-80
Balsamic Viniagrette Dressing-130
Bottled Water


Now I will say, this will be expensive. But if you are already “on the go” several days a week and have to live like this, hopefully this menu will provide a little bit of direction. Oh yes, the other thing I can’t promise you is that this is healthy in terms of fat or sodium, as most fast-food items are processed and will most always contain a lot of fat and sodium. But what I can say is that the calories are accurate to my best knowledge; so if calories matter to you, and you take these suggestions into consideration, you are probably on the right track.
Until next time…
-Jenelle N. Robinson

Nutritional Information obtained from the following sites:

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