Wednesday, June 1, 2016


In recent years, after disconnecting with multiple longtime friends, I have been notorious for feeling that I don’t need any additional friends. Friends require work. They require responsibility. And if you plan to be a good friend to them, you can’t do that and have several of them. Or if you do have several of them, you can probably only be a really really good friend to 1 or 2. But never say, “I don’t need friends!” I especially find it anti-biblical when I hear Christians say, “I don’t need anybody but Jesus!” You can’t even fulfill your purpose without being in relationship with others. The entire Bible discusses relationships with God and man. You can’t even fulfill the great commission without being in relationship with others. So stop saying you don’t need anybody but Jesus. You need friends. Or at least you need people you can depend on and vice versa. These might include close friends, or friends who you talk to sporadically or situationally (the gym, church, work, school, etc.).

Friends should be your support system (if they are not, I would question whether or not they are really your friends). And multiple studies repeatedly demonstrate that people who have a social support system tend to have better health outcomes. If you notice, the most effective weight loss programs include a social support system. The most effective exercise programs include a social support system. Healthy lifestyle changes seem to be more effective when you make the decision to do them with someone else. When consulting with clients, one of my many questions is “who are you accountable to?” I like to take the time to explore who your social support system is. Can you do it alone? Yes. But most people are not as effective in reaching their goals alone. Though you see many who follow their own exercise and weight loss programs and say they did it by themselves, the very fact that they shared their journey with you and “fed” off of your support is a big indication that NO, THEY DID NOT DO IT ALONE. We may do many things well alone. But when it comes to our health, we often make more long lasting effective health changes when we have help and support. One of the services I provide in my business is wellness coaching. This is a form of support I provide to help you become more effective in your health and wellness endeavors. For more information, visit my website:

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Dr. Jenelle Nicole

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