Tuesday, November 22, 2011

8 R's of Eating...

I know how to lose weight.  I have done it at least 50 times in my lifetime. But what I have always had a hard time of doing, is creating a lifestyle of change to maintain the weight I loss.  What can help us create a lifestyle of change?  8 words.  Now I won’t say I always do things perfectly. But whenever I eat, I aim to meet at least one of these principles:

Replace fried sides with fruits or vegetables regularly. If you are eating a burger, instead of a fried side, have a fruit or cup of vegetables on the side. Replace caloric drinks with water, tea, or a low-calorie beverage.

So you ate a high fat lunch, eh? Or maybe you had a big breakfast. Redeem yourself by eating a low fat dinner, or a low caloric (<300 calories) meal for another mealtime.

Eat less calories. When you are full, stop eating…even if the food looks and tastes good. Another way to eat less calories during the day would be to let something go for the day. Don’t eat meat for a day. Or give up eating as much bread for the day. The point is, as a population, in general, we need to eat less calories.

Eat often. You need to eat at least 5-6 times a day.  This will help rev up your metabolism, as eating, in and of itself, helps you burn more calories. Aim to eat 3 full meals a day (protein, carb, vegetable/fruit, dairy), and 2-3 snacks (100-150 calories) a day.

Refuse to have meat at every meal. Refuse to have rolls every time you go out to eat. Refuse to have 3-5 refills of your drinks when you go out to eat. Refuse extra dressing. Refuse extra butter on your bread. Refuse something that you don’t normally refuse. Then make it a habit.

Use the bathroom regularly. It differs by person, but a good guideline is 1-3 good bowel movements a day. Again, it may differ by person. One of the biggest things that will help us stay regular is fiber. We are not getting enough of it. Major sources of it consist of whole grains, beans, and fruits and vegetables. So in addition to staying regular, fruits and vegetables should be eaten regularly.

Reform your body through exercise. Reformation usually comes through discipline. Discipline is more practiced than learned. Practice exercising 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes a day.

We eat to live, not live to eat. Constantly renew your mind to that principle, and the other 7 principles.  Remind yourself of these things often. Because more than these principles, what you need is A MIND CHANGE in order to commit to these principles.

If we can consistently meet these 8 principles, we will inevitably create a lifestyle of healthy eating and living, and will not suffer with yo-yo dieting. Learn the principles and incorporate them into your everyday life. I can only give you the information and principles…you must find the internal motivation to commit to them…

-Jenelle Robinson

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  1. GOOD STUFF! I'm going to write a blog post and link this to it. I hope sometime today. Go Win!